A group of any number of UD enthusiasts who moderate which definitions will be allowed. They sometimes lack good judgment. Ex: There are a million definitions about some gay shit called football and apparent debates about which type of "football" is better. However, all too often, submitted definitions which are truly risible, inventive, original, properly spelled and punctuated are rejected.
Some of the Urban Dictionary editors probably should not be Urban Dictionary editors.
by himguy October 22, 2006
Deniers of freedom of speech.
1: Dude, I submitted a really long definition yesterday, and the Urban Dictionary editors rejected it for no reason!
2: That sucks.
by Lucio Soph August 06, 2010
The people who decide which definitions get approved on this website. Few of them actually follow the publishing guidelines.
Bad Urban Dictionary Editor: I don't like this definition. *reject* I don't agree with this definition. *reject*

Good Urban Dictionary Editor: This definition might be a little offensive, but it still follows the publishing guidelines. *accept*

I doubt this definition will get through the Urban Dictionary Editors.
by Quzu July 17, 2011
A group of people with the final power to make urbandictionary.com the website that its intended to be. But some of these assholes are on a power trip and for some reasons unknown to man , are inclined to deny perfectly legitimate definitions for words , that are in some cases , not defined.
Curious UrbanDictionary user: wtf?? unchained melody isnt defined?

Girl who submited a definition for unchained melody: well tried posting a definition but thoes fuking urbandictionary editors rejected it.
by keyboardcrumb December 10, 2008
a bunch of anry idiots who only want to spread hate. do nothing to make the world a better place. probably members of the KKK.
urban dictionary editor 1 "hey, look at this! a funny/beautiful/meaningful defininition to a name"
urban dictionary editor 2 "throw it in the fucking garbage. if it's not hurtful, it's not fun"
all of them "we are urban dictionary editors! let's sniff glue and get to work!"
by unfuckenbelieveable April 21, 2010
The people that decide my fate as an Urban Dictionary author
Damn urban dictionary editors rejecting my definition of jizz
by DizzyLizzy March 06, 2007
1. The people who decide what definitions are added and rejected.
2. The retards who reject definitions that make sense but add retarded definitions.
Who the fuck are these retarded urban dictionary editors rejecting my definitions?
by Gorilla Editor January 12, 2011

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