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to have your definition show up on URBAN DICTIONARY'S home page.
I don't know if I can talk to you anymore, I was urbanated today.
by Deborah Lee September 10, 2006
A term for someone who has been browsing Urban Dictionary for a period of time and has zoned out so they are completely unaware of everything around them.
I didn't hear the debate, because I was Urbanated.

Sorry, I didn't hear you. I was going into Urbanation.
by Natureboy3 April 08, 2010
When your name and associated slander got by the editors on Urban Dictionary

When a perfectly defined word gets re-defined by free-speech and takes on a whole new meaning

When a meaningless word or abbreviation is invented and given meaning
"OMG! John Smith and Jane Doe got totally Urbanated!!"

"A corn broom is an anal probe??????"

"Dude, that movie was completely off the HB^t674&%8rbvtr!!"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010
When you realise, no matter how many times you try to add new words to Urban - the people behind the scenes decide that they're either too pointless, or not pointless enough..

..Therefore, instead of being 'terminated'; you suddenly become 'urbanated'.
1. "Dude, No matter how many times I try, Urban won't let me add any new words!"

"Damn man, you got urbanated."

2. "You been on Urban recently dude?"

"Man, I don't do that sh*t anymore."

"Why dude?!"

"Man, you've obviously don't live with the fear of being urbanated."
by Niamy's Bitch ;) October 03, 2009
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