When someone constantly looks on urban dictionary and tries to use the word he or she finds as much as possible in real life.
Person 1: OMG man did you just Jay-Rape that policeman that uses a Redneck Teleprompter to recite the 'you have the right to remain silent' speech when arresting a halfway crook for Peegret and not having a gay buffer.

Person 2: Dude you have a serious Urban addictionary problem.
by The laugh in your face guy July 18, 2010
Top Definition
A compulsive psychological need to create new definitions for publication to Urban Dictionary.

Persistent compulsive use of the website can become physically, psychologically and socially harmful, especially when submissions are rejected. If you or anyone you know is showing symptoms of suffering from this condition, please seek guidance from the internet's most credible Dr - WebMD.
"Those damn kids are going to end up with a case of urban addictionary if they keep spending so much time on the internet!"
by manicbubble February 10, 2015
A form of addiction you get from frequently writing definitions at UrbanDictionary.com. Victims of Urban Addictionary are known as Urban Addicts.
I have the Urban Addictionary and won't lose it any time soon.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 25, 2003
An obbsesion with searching random stuff on urban dictionary and see what pops up.
Dude, he just found out about purple waffcake. I think he has an urban addictionary
by Define_Awesome October 14, 2015
A person that gets on the Urban Dictionary to look up one word. Then finds him/her self hours later still clicking on the (random) button.
My friends had an intervention for me. I have been on the Urban Dictionary for 5 days and they think i may have became an Urban Addictionary.
by mailtime4 May 02, 2011
An addiction to Urban Dictionary. Symptoms include constantly checking your definitions for approval, constantly adding new definitions, bland definitions, and repeat submissions when you're rejected (which is constantly).
1: Yesterday she submitted a definition to the word "bitch."
2: Yep, textbook case of Urban Addictionary.
by Arreispants May 31, 2009
Someone addicted to Urban Dictionary
Guy 1: What the hell is an iFinger?

Guy 2: I don't know, look it up on Urban Dictionary
Guy 3: No need guys, it's when you purposely keep clean when you eat something messy so you could operate your touchscreen smartphone/tablet/GPS without making the screen look like your plate.
Guy 1: Since when did you become an Urban Addictionary?
by Sethlikeswafflez February 04, 2012
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