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The act of waking up in the morning thinking "WTF happened last night". Closely followed by vauge memories of copious amounts of alcohol and saliva and the faint wiff of cheap cologne. If you were the drunkest girl at the party, Jay probably pulled you!
"Oh my god, last night I was nearly Jay-Raped by Ronald McDonald."

"OK, hands up anyone who hasn't been Jay-Raped!?!"
by ICSM January 14, 2008
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When a male (not necessarily intoxicated) attempts to take advantage of an unsuspecting and very toxicated female through any means possible. This may include aggravate face eating, abrasive dry humping or excessive saliva swapping.
PERSON 1: "Fuck me, dude did you see that girl get jayraped?"
PERSON 2: "Yeah she's gettin it bad....oh FUCK that's my sister!"
by John Bom August 04, 2007
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