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a word used by whiggers on the street as an unoriginal, stupid comeback to make there friends cum in their pants
Guy:Ur mom is so cheap she paid me to fuck!
Guys friend: O DUDE I LEAKED MAN
by kissurass November 03, 2006
A highly derogatory phrase which replaces the subject of a person's sentence to form a base and unoriginal form of retaliation (for those with difficulty thinking of witty comebacks).
"That was a great sandwich."
"Ur Mom was a great sandwich! Oh! Diss!"
by bamboo shoot October 25, 2004
can either be used as a random word which people seem to think witty and bugs the hell out of people, or, obviously, your mom
Bob: What are you doing tonight?
Joe: Ur mom
by i luv jesse mccartney April 25, 2005
Defenition 1: This word can replace a noun, if done correctly.

Defenition 2: If one can't think of a cool come back. This is the phrase to use.
Guy 1: "Whoa! U made cool sound effects with that paper bag..."
Guy 2: "UR MOM makes cool sound effect!"
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company May 01, 2005
Use when someone is asking you a nosy question or just something stupid as hell.
Reminder: never say this in front of a person who does not have a mother.
SARAH: Hey, whatcha guys talkin' about?
ASHLEY: ur mom.
by Stephie Thong February 27, 2003
The Universal answer to anything and everything.
"What is the meaning of life?"
"ur mom"

"What time is it?"
"ur mom"

"What's 2+2=?"
"ur dad... errm, I mean mom."
by Lanan September 24, 2005
two words that can answer any questions.
joe: hey!
bill: hey!
joe: how r u?
bill: ur mom knows how i am. . .
joe: can u stop?!
bill: ur mom wants to stop . . .
joe: do you hav herpes?
bill: ur mom has herpes . . .
joe: shut up!!!
by Cami!!! September 15, 2006
urmom was the definition last night if you catch my drift

urmom is generally used as a response to anything on the internet, usually by people of a somewhat simple nature.

lol checkmate
by urmom October 10, 2003