In disc golf, an upshot is the approach shot to the basket. Sometimes a putt that comes up short is called an upshot.
Nice upshot dawg, you parked that hole.
by amchamp99 February 21, 2008
Top Definition
Originally it was the final shot in an archery match.
Now used to mean: the conclusion; the result.
The upshot of what happened is that we won't do that again.
by dragonflo1 November 24, 2004
the photographer places the camera on the ground, facing upwards, the woman stands with her legs slightly apart, with her gash facing the lens.
Dave : Hey Jason did you see those upshots of Jenny's cunt?

Jason : Yeah man, pretty awesome, it's about as close as I'll ever get to her pussy.
by papa_melons November 01, 2010
A co-worker who is hot im comparason to your other co-workers but would look less attractive if seen in public.
person 1- "Dude, Sandy is a solid dime peice."

person 2- "No, she's ups hot. I've seen her outside work and she is just a seven."
by villefan99 January 19, 2011
aka the whiskey douche. This is when someone takes a tampon, soaks it in the alcohol of their choice, typically whiskey, and then inserts it into either the vagina or rectum in order to achieve a buzz or "Buiness drunk". Used in situations where drinking is frowned upon. eg. work, funerals, job interviews, Provincial Curling Championships etc. Paticipating individuals tend to eventually form a syndicate.
Guy #1: man i could really go for a drink, work is F$@King getting to me.

Guy #2: not me man, i'm flying high, i took an upshot of Wiser's this morning before the meeting.

Guy #1: what?

Guy #2: whiskey douche!!!
by privateboots January 30, 2012
A great rock and hip-hop band from NYC founded by an incredibly talented singer, rapper and lyricist named Danny Steinman
Upshot rocked the house at the Vanderbilt last week.
by gerty August 26, 2006
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