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...a homemade energy drink and libido enhancer , and because it is rich with zinc, (essential for healthy sperm production), it is highly recommended to be taken by guys who are keen to get their partners pregnant. the main ingredient is beetroot, but other ingredients in the recipe are guarano,for physical endurance,ginkgo biloba, a mental stimulant,ginseng for resistance to stress, pomegranate,elderberry or cranberry juice as an anti- oxident, and caffine from bean extract, that boosts metabolism, a little lemon zest or fresh lemon juice, and sparkling or soda water, completes the list .making this energy drink 100% Natural, with no artificial sweetners,no toxic chemicals,and no preservatives etc.
gin and upbeet, vodka n upbeet , guiness n upbeet, cider n upbeet , lager n upbeet.
by TantricGuru June 15, 2011