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UnSnitch. To restore credibility, (or in your weird ass lame mind believe its possible to restore credibility) to one or a number of humans that are shunned by their peers for being known informants employed by the local law enforcement. For either (a) Snitching for gain; whether it be to get out of trouble, (b) Snitching for money, drugs, or shiny gold objects the vast majority of snitches tend to call their precious' or (c) Being a rat because you're a neighborhood watch, nothing better to do but not mind your own business ass hat.

Are you, or someone you know being harassed for snitching? Never fear, our UnSnitch specialists are standing by. 1 quick call to our automated UnSnitch Hotline will have you Rollin' w/ the Solid homies in no time. 1-800 UnSnitch is here. 24/7 365
It is impossible to UnSnitch someone, once a snitch, always a snitch.
by Brainsick June 19, 2017
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