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The opposite of sheepable. A person who cannot be sheeped -- that is, a person who is mindful, rational, and able to analyze and make independent decisions and take independent actions not based on peer pressure, trends, fads, or superficialities.

One who does not follow any particular crowd but is an equal-opportunity critic. A person with a high need for cognition (look it up). Unsheeps are the opposite of sheep. The unsheep theme song is "What the world needs now is no more sheep, no sheep! It's the kind of human that there's just too many of . . ."

"Unsheepable" derives from World of Warcraft's use of the term "sheepable."
"I can't believe how unsheepable you are! Aren't you ever going to buy an iPad?"
by rebelmage August 06, 2011
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