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Holy, and i thot I came up with this expression "unsalted cracker" to describe someone..

Unsalted cracker: someone really boring.. no excitement, like there's no flavor.. no colour.. all flatness/no personality..
A little song to sing to someone who fits this description as an Unsalted cracker.."youuu've got!.. NO PERSONALITY, ZERO PERONALITY BORING BORING AND ALWAYS NOT HAPPY SO ADD A LITTLE PAPRIKA INTO YOU'RE PERSONALITY.."
by AliciamMOCTEZUMA January 31, 2008
15 7
Too be a very lame white person, generally directed to obnoxious white people.
Charlie: Yo azn man wtf are u doin in ma home town?? go back to china!
Lee: Shut up you Unsalted Cracker! Go get some salt, and fight me like a normal cracker!
by wonger180 March 14, 2008
4 4
Uptight white person whos life is all work and no play and probably parts his hair.
The rich people across the street are unsalted crackers

PS:This is in no way hateful, I am white.
by KCJWhellz December 11, 2004
15 18