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Holy, and i thot I came up with this expression "unsalted cracker" to describe someone..

Unsalted cracker: someone really boring.. no excitement, like there's no flavor.. no colour.. all flatness/no personality..
A little song to sing to someone who fits this description as an Unsalted cracker.."youuu've got!.. NO PERSONALITY, ZERO PERONALITY BORING BORING AND ALWAYS NOT HAPPY SO ADD A LITTLE PAPRIKA INTO YOU'RE PERSONALITY.."
by AliciamMOCTEZUMA January 31, 2008
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Too be a very lame white person, generally directed to obnoxious white people.
Charlie: Yo azn man wtf are u doin in ma home town?? go back to china!
Lee: Shut up you Unsalted Cracker! Go get some salt, and fight me like a normal cracker!
by wonger180 March 14, 2008
Uptight white person whos life is all work and no play and probably parts his hair.
The rich people across the street are unsalted crackers

PS:This is in no way hateful, I am white.
by KCJWhellz December 11, 2004

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