Turning off the alarm clock and resuming snoozing, risking not waking up for an important task.
I had 45 minutes of unprotected sleep. Got fired, but it was worth it.
by The Commodore August 26, 2008
Top Definition
turning off your alarm clock and immediately going back to sleep; risking not waking up for a job, class, or other daily task.
I'm lucky that i didn't miss my final exam after having 30 minutes of unprotected sleep.
by Notorious JJM December 17, 2006
Turning off your alarm clock, whether consciously or unconsciously, and falling back asleep, sometimes causing you to be late for your work, school, test and/or exam, doctors appointment, or any other task that is of importance.
I got fired from my job because I had an hour of unprotected sleep.

After twenty minutes of unprotected sleep I missed the bus and had to walk to school.
by Angel4u09 January 11, 2007
Sleep that is not had in your own bed, safe (most of the time) in your own home. i.e. in a gutter, ditch, field, or a bed belonging to someone else! Thus risking any number of things happening to you.
A man woke up naked in a field with several poker chips stuck to his "member", and a tatoo of Tony Blair on both his buttocks. When picked up by police and asked what happened, he said "i guess i drank so much yesterday evening that i suffered a whole night of unprotected sleep".
by robenk January 11, 2007
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