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A noxious idea or act that everyone agrees with, but that no one has the guts to openly agreeing with.
Those frat boys were unonymously racist and biggoted.
by AZo August 18, 2005
A state in which everyone present has a shared opinion on a subject, but nobody openly admits it.
After an awkward silence, it was obvious that the chums had come to a unonymous decision regarding what to do with the corpse.
#anonymous #unanimous #secretive #embarrassment #awkward
by Tom Rolfe October 16, 2007
adjective of unonym.
The Clever Cleaver brothers are famous for having a unonymous name.
#unonym #unoymous #unoym #unonim #unonimous #uonymous
by Jonathan Sagnella February 16, 2006
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