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Had I known I own my own destiny in my unknown youth, that may have belong to me that now I do not own and instead of falacy I would've seeked truth. Had I known seddling could become trees tall and that even futile efforts are not in vain, I may have graced a nobler hall and more meaningfully thought with my brain. Had I known that homes are partitioned in room and despite what's below there's divine love above, I doubt if it would've been wisely advisable to groom the wild horse unmounted referred to as love. Had I known there is diversity in what seems same and favoured peace moreover disdain, I could've undone what's been done and not have repeated the same mistakes again. Had I know there's more blessing in giving than take, that mortal man are all in Christ one another brother and many pastels can eminate from enlit rainbow pale I would've understood hypocrite's false pride to other.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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