1 To show the maximum potential of your manhood.

2 When you are playing Halo, on X-box, and you find a lot of grenades, a rocket launcher, and an AR, and you begin a raging tempest of explosion upon some grunts.

3 When you are playing a sport and you become 'on fire', and perfectly execute a winning move, while your opponent stands in awe, and then bows to your skill.

4 Something that Ermy does all the time.
1 Oh, you''l see, I'll unleash the fury on you tonight!

2 I will unleash the fury on those damn Covenant!

3 Boy! I found explosives! let's unleash the fury on Covenant!

4 I will unleash thr fury on you, Maggot!!
by identity crisis March 16, 2004
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pubic hair hidden under unddies
*having mad sex*

whoa sh!t baby...you've just unleashed the fury
by Ollie March 11, 2004
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