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'Unisexy,' a word which combines/overlaps the two words 'unisex' and 'sexy' is used in reference to a person (biologically a man or a woman- it doesn't matter) who is attractive (sexy) as either a male OR female.

Very few people actually fall into this category of attractiveness, and it is rare that one gets to see what another looks like as both a man AND a woman, but the word definitely does have practical uses.
Wow, Jimmy is such a cute boy, but if you put a wig and lipstick on him he'd be totally hot! Jimmy is unisexy!
by Harry Hanson January 28, 2006
something that is sexy for either a man or a woman.
Brian's clothing line is unisexy.
by Brian Lichtenberg March 24, 2006
Something that can be used or worn by both males and females, and is attractive or a turn on.

"I thought Alex was just wearing skinny jeans but they're really girls jeans! That's unisexy!"

"Did you get that hoodie from american apparel? Because its so unisexy."

"Eww..a bathroom for men and women?! that is not unisexy.."
by orangejuicez February 20, 2009