When you are striking from behind and you insert you thumb into your preys ass, then wipe the shit on your thumb all along the eyebrow area. This causes a unibrow of shit.
Nate gave Mike Solheim a raging unibrown!
by Whitty1989 April 02, 2008
The act of shitting on someones brow causing a line of shit to resemble a unibrow. (coined by RedBlaze6 on 02/17/2012)
I shit on Kevin's forehead. Now he has to pluck around his unibrown.
by RedBlaze6 February 17, 2012
when you have diarrhea and you shart a brown streak in your undies from top of ass crack to the gooch/taint area.
damn man, that mexican food gave me the mark of the uni-brown
by OleGabe October 30, 2011

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