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A man with only one testicle.

Synonyms: Uni-ball, oddball, pansy, one nut,
Why do you guys always refer to Gregg as uninut? Oh, because his wife told us he only has one testicle. He's a real oddball.
by SwiftyDefines February 26, 2015
a guy with one nut.
Mr. Frick is a uni-nut and he only shops at Uni-Mart.
by Nick D April 03, 2003
A man with only one testicle.
If you lose your left nut, is your right nut still your right nut? Or are you just a uninut?
by Jonathan Piacenti January 11, 2004
when one is strucked in the ball sack and is officially a uninut. meaning you have only one nut.
Poor Dylan, He's a Uninut, Jesse threw an apple at his sack and now he's on the ground.
by suckonthesenuts90210 June 14, 2010
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