How the Japanese refer to sea urchin roe.
Iron Chefs use uni in pretty much every other battle.
by edk September 26, 2005
Unicorn penis.
I have seen a unis.
by Grenisthewenis January 13, 2016
short for "uniform"
Get your uni...we gotta game.
by Calo November 01, 2003
A shit hole of floating info/rumors/crap.
(the stupidest stuff is heard by everyone, and never seems to fade)
i just said one thing, and now everyone seems to know. and it was 3 YEARS ago *sniffle*

ya well, that's what we call a UNIS...
by randompersonlol June 28, 2012
Short for unisuit, a one piece spandex thing worn mostly by rowers. It is basically what you would get if you took a pair of spandex shorts and joined it to a (spandex) tank-top at the waist. Rowers/coxswains racing uniforms are almost exclusively unis, however they are also worn for training. Often racing unis are printed in a similar pattern to the team in question's oars, or at least in the same colors. Usually the shorts part is longer than normal spandex, like mid thigh, so they give you seriously annoying tan lines because they are hard to hide. Dress shopping is seriously annoying with a uni-tan. They also make it hard to pee.
We aren't allowed to wear our racing unis until race day.

Getting new unis is the best!

Damn uni-tan, guess I won't be doing booty shorts this summer.
by Liz-423 July 18, 2013
1. university (noun)
2. prefix meaning "one"
3. a unicycle (noun)
1. I'm going to uni today
2. a unicellular organism
3. wait till I get my 20" uni!
by seabear November 10, 2007
an abbreviation of the word uniform
I need to get my uni cleaned for the basketball game.
by Phileas Wilco Fogg February 20, 2012
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