It's college you stupid fucks. Not uni. Please rid the English language of this bastardization of a word. It makes you sound like some pompous piece of shit with no self-esteem.
Say college. C-o-l-l-e-g-e.

It does not imply you go to a 2 year program. No one in top 20 programs refer to their program as a "uni." They say college.

"I go to college."

"When I was in college..."

"I am a college student."

Now get with it folks.

And there are plenty of third tier 4 year programs that are "universities." So saying "uni" does not mean anything, and instead reveals to the rest of the world you've probably gone to a no-name program or care too much about what others think of you.

*Saying university should only be with the full name of the program. Like Princeton University. Otherwise, it's almost always college. And never, ever "uni."
#college #university #ba #bs #school
by Ymotana April 21, 2013
User-Network Interface
This IAD is capable of UNI 3.1 & 4.0 signaling.
by Brad March 07, 2004
UNI, BOFH of Game-Deception and Conqueror of all.
UNI is teh pwn.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
UNI is sweet and will pwnz0r j00.
by k0re October 14, 2004
A unicorn neopet that looks like a character from 'My Little Pony'.
The Uni looks really familiar....do I smell a lawsuit?
by Alexi August 01, 2003
(verb) anal sex performed by someone with a dildo strapped to their head thus resembling in appearence a unicorn.
"damn, my ass hurts, think I got unied last night"
#anal #unicorn #university #dildo #unie
by sed1 February 04, 2010
The traditional spandex uniform of rowers worldwide, much like the singlet of wrestling. Extremely unflattering even to the fittest of athletes, frequent usage in the sun also results in a "uni-tan."
The rowers' unis were black with a green stripe down each side.
#unisuit #rowing #uniform #crew #singlet
by Jocy April 24, 2007
University of Surrey, (Guildfrod)
I posted this coz someone else tagged UniS
#uni #surrey #guildford #g'town #unik
by Last Chancer October 22, 2006
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