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a mix of hungry and angry - probably angry because hungry
"I can see you're ungry, so don't talk to anyone till you have some lunch, or you'll say something you regret"
by brucek November 14, 2009
When you are so hungry, and you type so fast that you forget the "h".
A typo of the word "Hungry"
Hljmp: Going to get food I am ungry.
by Hljmp November 15, 2007
When someone is angry, hungry, and ugly all at the same time.
*Chick at a McDonald's yelling at cashier that her food order is wrong.*

You: Damn, that chick is ungry!!
by RyvenX January 07, 2011
When someone denies they are angry or mad, but clearly are.

(Un-Angry= Ungry)
"I'm not Mad!"
Naw you so Ungry
by FuriousJohn January 27, 2011
A mixture between being upset and angry.
"I'm getting very ungry"
by BeeKitty August 26, 2014