A person who used to have friends, but no longer does.
Girl1: I heard she became unfriended.
Girl2: That is so sad!
by no way man September 04, 2005
Top Definition
When you remove someone from your Myspace or Friendster etc list because they tick you off.
"Wow, all I did was post a slightly suggestive picture in his profile and next thing I know I'm unfriended."
by LadyKatey December 03, 2005
Some shitty horror film that came out in spring of 2015 about a dead chick who kills her friends with computer hacking and supernatural ass-fuckery. Whoever thought this was a compelling plot device should be thrown off the back of a speeding pickup truck and into a river in a body bag, weighed down with cinderblocks.

-Guy: "yeah, right, it was like, bro. Damn."

-Me: "Who thought this was a good idea, that's like two hours of my life I ain't gettin' back."
by Regie Buffalo April 24, 2015
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