A person who used to have friends, but no longer does.
Girl1: I heard she became unfriended.
Girl2: That is so sad!
by no way man September 04, 2005
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When you remove someone from your Myspace or Friendster etc list because they tick you off.
"Wow, all I did was post a slightly suggestive picture in his profile and next thing I know I'm unfriended."
by LadyKatey December 03, 2005
Some shitty horror film that came out in spring of 2015 about a dead chick who kills her friends with computer hacking and supernatural ass-fuckery. Whoever thought this was a compelling plot device should be thrown off the back of a speeding pickup truck and into a river in a body bag, weighed down with cinderblocks.

-Guy: "yeah, right, it was like, bro. Damn."

-Me: "Who thought this was a good idea, that's like two hours of my life I ain't gettin' back."
by Regie Buffalo April 24, 2015

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