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To prove that a Fail or Epic-Fail was actually a win.
Bob:*throws basket-ball and misses hoop*
Bob2:"You Fail."
Bob: " It hit that hobo right in the face unfail "

guy1:"i woke up with my mom in my bed this morning. I fail at life"

guy2: "that was my mom"

by Bobguy21 March 22, 2011
1. To make a miraculous turn-around when failure was iminent.

2. To recover from or make up for a past failure.
Tom really unfailed that whole deal with Christine, huh?
by drd79 January 04, 2010
the act of not failing
"The party was an epic unfailure." - When said party did not fail.
"Unfail." - When something turns out as planned.
by androctonvs October 27, 2008