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Bullshit term for illegal alien commonly used by the left and its media to make illegal immigration sound less criminal
Correspondent for any major non-FOX news network: "The number of undocumented immigrants..."
Me: What the hell is this guy smoking? Yeah, they're undocumented, they aren't real citizens, they're all wetbacks who can get a pass!
by Alex September 11, 2003
1. A politically correct term for people who have illegally entered into America, aka illegal aliens.
I wish we would worry less about being politically correct and start calling these undocumented immigrants what they really are, unwanted, illegal aliens.
by renamelater January 14, 2009
A mexican soldier in the anti-white America War.

We gonna lost this war because:
1) Democrats hates white
2) bush and his RINOs sell their souls to Hispnioc votes
3) The politically correct medias ban the patriotic ones.

A undocumented immigrant kill my sister.
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006
Human beings trying to make a decent living. Most actually do pay taxes, contrary to what most Americans think. Trying to kick them all out would be another "war on drugs," or "war on terror" style failure and a huge waste of money and "political capital."

An undocumented immigrant deserves a chance to become a citizen.
by pdad May 04, 2006
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