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Opposite of overtime. The difference between hours worked and the expected or contracted hours.
"I spent 35 hours in the office this week so I've got 5 hours of undertime."

"I've been putting in a lot of undertime lately, so I'm going to stay late tonight."
by ben.hendry July 10, 2008
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1. A term used to designate the time a partcularly skanky female radio personality spends under her male clients.
Orlando: "Jenny Boom-Boom's got 12 kids. I mean c'mon, 12 kids? That's some serious overtime!"

by El-Keter September 17, 2002
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The extra hours (beyond a 40 hour week) employees have to work before being compensated by OVERtime. Any unpaid hours worked by the employee that are donated to the company without pay.
Mikey is a slacker this week... he's only put in 4 hours of undertime.
by Lock-Mart February 21, 2006
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Under-Time is the shortage of hours given to an employee to do the same scope of work but in less time.

In the down economy, hourly workers are "expected" to "work smarter" and do added work and still get their regular work done as if they were "professionals" who owe the employer more-than-hourly performance.

It is often associated with a new RUSH assignment - or managers who get a BONUS for reduced labor costs.
Q) Are you working overnight with us to re-arrange the cereal shelves and move old stock to the front..we're even getting Over-Time..?

A) No, I've been given Under-Time for hanging up all the new signs to promote the changed pricing..and wasn't even given enough hours to get the regular store signs installed..
by op_position November 06, 2010
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