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An underground sport is one that is too risky for the general public. Players establish a sense of community with each other through dangerous acts and it is considered separate from the community of their city or town. So basically, only badasses can play them.
Skateboarding is an underground sport because players share a sense of thrill and danger with each other.

Street hockey is an underground sport.

Hacky-Sack is not an underground sport.
by Falken801 November 13, 2013
A sport heard by many, played by few.
Clay: "Hey Dude! I've seen that before...What they doing there?? 7-on-7 throwing that Frisbee around!" Dude Smith: "Oh Dude! That's Ultimate Frisbee...That's one of those Underground Sports! You gotta be a Bad Ass to play that!!"
by Ohsider December 23, 2015
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