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THE BEST band ever! and they're hot too!
"wow ... have you heard Under Your Absence's latest song?"
"Yeah ... they fricken rock!"
by prettypunkfan12 January 28, 2004
HOTTEST band ever!!!!...They only play the best kind of music around, plus they are the HOTTEST men around ... and me and the original definer are just lucky enough to be dating one of the members... So hot they are *drool*... They play the only music worth being called music
"Man scuttle isn't Under your Absence like the HOTTEST band ever?"
"Scuttle aren't we the luckiest people in the world to have actually touched a member of Under your Absence?"
"Frick I love PHJ from Under your Absence"
by Pencil Head Jr. Lover!!!! April 06, 2004
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