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The act of getting a hand job through ones front pant pocket.
Timmy loved getting hand jobs but sometimes it was to much for him. So his girlfriend had the great idea to give him a PHJ. timmy loved it
by bman55 April 03, 2011
a prolific hand job.
the act of receiving a hand job under prolific circumstances
jake got a hand job in the space barn yesterday, it must have been prolific!
She gives out so many PHJ's that they're almost not prolific anymore
by Cane Lady April 12, 2006
A prolific hand job.
The act of giving a hand job in a prolific manner.
Yo, I heard she gave jake a hand job with all four limbs! that must have been a PHJ!
by Cane Lady April 02, 2006
Acronym for Prolific Hand Job
Yo jake, you should ask hermione for a phj!
Yo, i just got a phj.
by Cane Lady March 25, 2006
A Prolific Hand job.
The act of receiving a hand job under prolific circumstances.
yo, they were in a space barn and she decided to give him a phj.
I heard jake got a hand job at a Chain link fence, that must have been prolific!
by Cane Lady April 12, 2006
Pure Hard Juice, a well known Melbourne day club (as opposed to nightclub). The clientele are known for their excessive use of GHB, a dangerous and toxic drug.
Let's all go to PHJ and blow out.
by Spare_A_Thought_For_The_Dave July 20, 2006

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