You may have my unconditional love, on one condition.
Shut up.
by Bastardized Bottomburp November 12, 2003
Top Definition
To love somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely
I love that girl. Do I need a reason? no but I love that girl completely.
by Big Boi March 29, 2005
100% of love for your lover/ or maybe close member of your family or whatever but most used with a lover.

Regardless of how that person treats you, or what they do to you, you love them no matter what. Your love to them is unconditional. Them people who give Unconditional love are the true heroes in this world.
She treats him like shit but he still loves her as if she's never done anything wrong. Unconditional love

Friend 1: Man, my girlfriend never got me anything but I got her so many gifts.

Friend 2: So what dude? Your love is unconditional. You will get your reward later in life.

by dafooo May 15, 2006
Love no matter what, under all circumstances.
How Vinnie said he wanted to love me..
by Jackie March 10, 2005
when i love him regardless of how he may treat me. When several other hot guys like me, but my heart is only set on him. when i know that he doesnt care, yet i care and miss him so much. when all i can think about is kissing him and being with him although he's half way across the US, i still get butterflies when i think about him.
from boston to atlanta and back
by fate November 10, 2003
When you love someone, and nothing will break that love. I love her even though it is over and we both know it will never be again. I may end up hating her one day but I will always love her.
I have unconditional love for you, because you were the girl of my dreams.
by DJ Direct May 03, 2009
To love without condition.
If God possesses unconditional love, there is no Hell.

If there is a Hell, then God does not possess unconditional love.
by Juan Huay August 11, 2009
The misguided belief that it is possible to love someone regardless of what they might do or say. This is of course impossible without the accompanying sense resentment, as can be experienced in family life.
I love her unconditionally, however i do also have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach every time i tell her, ah well, that's unconditional love for you
by fat brewer November 04, 2009
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