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Unalaq is a slang term for an owl fetish, generally accompanied by macrophilia and fetishism of knowledge.

Because of the sheer randomness and dubiousness of unalaq, most victims of unalaq gravitate to abstinence, studies and credentials, though aggressively neglecting social conduct and bordering on sociopathy with their manipulation. The owl symbolizes knowledge, which the sufferers find an accepted way to get in touch with their unalaq. A far-fetched, unrealistic and dangerous fetish, it will cause sufferers to be inattentive toward 'normal' relations and conduct.
Normal person: Why don't you sit with us?
Person with unalaq: I can't. I am reading.
Normal person: Then why are you licking the book? How can you read it like that?
Person with unalaq: The same way you can taste your lousy food.
by agent23go December 18, 2013
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