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1) The opposite of 1337.

2) Used to describe someone or something that is not of the 1337 community.

3) Used as an insult to one who is of the 1337 community.
D00d, you are so un1337.
Microsoft is un1337.
by Q April 28, 2004
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an idiot that pretends to type in 1337 but is really just deciding to copy paste from forums or previous posters to look smart. This can come in multiple forms including sentence and single word stealing as well as taking new ideas for the language from other people.
Wow, that guy is un1337 he cant do anything himself.

If only he knew that being un1337 can lead to twittercide
by nUltimate October 29, 2009
word used by someone trying to be 1337
n00b got pwned, so un1337!
by TheJeep April 28, 2004

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