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The undoing of a large software development project. Generally involves removing half the code from a 6-12 month project over the course of a few weeks, making sure to send the commits to the original engineers who worked on it along with a virtual gift of a "pretzel stick".
Original Engineer: Dude, just finished this project. Took like 8 months of slaving 90 hour weeks.
Other Engineer: Damn, its done though, time for ??? then profit!
---2 months pass---
Other Engineer: Hey you want an un-pretzel?
Original Engineer: What's that?
Other Engineer: All the code I deleted that you wrote.
Original Engineer: :((((((((((((((((((((((((
#pretzel #software development #agile #booty #omgwtfbbqcheesecake
by Snyder's November 02, 2009
when everything in your life at the time is all tangled up and you need to straighten everything out and gather your thoughts
You: Omg, i have work at 2, a date at 6, pay my bills by tomorow, pick my car up at the shop, im going away in two days, havent talked to my mom for 3 months, my phone is broke. im low on gas and i have a headache with a doctors appointment im running late for.

Friend: Damn dude, seems like you need to stop and un-pretzel you hectic life, perhaps chill out and smoke some weed.
#omg #pretzel #un-pretzel #weed #chill out #smoke #pretzle #crazy #hectic
by calaburrito July 08, 2009
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