1. a slang term used almost exclusively in the Cambridgeshire, U.K. area. It means "sexual intercourse" or simply just "fucking". The legendary psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd hails from the area.

2. a 1969 double album by Pink Floyd. One disc has live recordings on it, the other has stereo recordings on it. It charted on both sides of the Atlantic.
1. The album Ummagumma may have got its name because the band members were pressed for time to get the album out. They were probably saying "Fuck!" frequently and when the time came to name the album it was named with a slang synonym for that word. Maybe, don't quote me. I may be wrong.

2. The album's name caused a temporary controversy upon its U.K. release. Since the word "ummagumma" means nothing in the U.S there was no controversy there.
by Pink Elephant March 29, 2007
Top Definition
1. shagging
2. sex
3. Rock and Roll

British slang?

(also, Name of a Pink Floyd Album)

Ummagumma was a slang term for having sex. And of course Rock and Roll was originally slang for having sex as well. So, if you look at it that way, the album Ummagumma could simply mean Rock and Roll.
by Matt March 03, 2004
a very strange species not to be handled lightly; use profound caution, yet gentle awareness.
Ummagumma is a Pink Floyd jam session.
by bcart April 29, 2007
it came as a slang word out of the pink floyd album Ummagumma. it means sex
Ummagumma is good for u Ummagumma is good for me
by Apugs July 11, 2004
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