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Ultra is a word that is used to describe getting incredibly drunk. It is a synonym to "Hammered" or "Wasted"
"Man, we went to the club afterward. I was so ultra."

"You had a few too many drinks last night. You were pretty ultra."
by duffkiligan April 11, 2014
A slang term for cool, super, extroirdinairy. It will never be back, stop trying to use it Rob.
Ultra used to be cool, but you should really stop saying it.
by Betchplease June 13, 2014
means something bad on a large scale proportion. Something not very good/awful.
"Oi that bird was an Ultra
by sackheroffmate February 03, 2009
concerning all things gay, including but not limited to, sexual desires for little boys and penis shaped objects.

but not penis shaped foods. those are awesome!!
You see that guy with the man purse, he's so ultra
by Slickback33 September 24, 2010
verb: the opposite of whatever you use it for. Its a type of sarcasm. You must use it after whatever you are describing to use it correctly. It is used in the same way as "not"
"man im so excited to do this homework tonight ULTRA"

"Dang girl, you look good, ULTRA"

(its raining out) "what a gorgeous day, ULTRA"
by Alex-rocks-at-life May 13, 2009
Ultra is a state of mind. In many cases, it could imply a high level of faggotry, gay butt sex, homosexuality and sometimes even plain stupidity. Ultra men talk like women and in many cases hae a vagina. Presence of a penis is optional. Women can be ultra in many cases too. The only qualification is that they wear braces and glasses or just be downright fugly.
That kid is so ultra, he talks like he's taking it in the end pipe.
by les fleurs September 24, 2010