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Porn restricted to individuals 54 years old or older.
For his 40th birthday, I got my friend a fake ID so he could rent some ultraporn.
by Planet Express Ship March 20, 2007
Pornography for the elderly
Mr Smith is going to need a fake id to rent ultra porn.
by Burning Furburger November 05, 2007
1. Pornography so heinous, it causes the watcher to gouge out their own eyes, resulting in psychosis, explosion of the genital regions, incontinence, homocidal/suicidal urges, and death. Is hypothesized to bend the fabric of time and space.

2. ULTRAPORN is a type of pornography that is universally known to be the worst pornography on the planet. It is pure evil buttfucking insanity while horror jerks off with its own fecal matter. Satan himself is said to fear ULTRAPORN.
Anal sex is part of the make-up of ultraporn.
by uglyhuncher July 10, 2008

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