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To be or have the resemblance of pure ultimate.

The study of ultimateness.

A superlative degree of something that can only be described as better than the best.

The cool.
Example of the use of this word:

Dude: zzZzzzZZzz...

Other Dude: Oh my gosh, DUDE!!!

Dude: ZZzzz-AAAHh!!.. What?!

Other Dude: This game!!!

Dude: What of it?

Other Dude: It's awesome!!!

Dude: How awesome?

Other Dude: It's ultimate!

Dude: Ultimate enough to wake me up over?

Other Dude: Dude, this game has gotta be the best game mankind has ever seen!

Dude: Better than duke nukem forever?

Other Dude: Haha... but seriously Dude, this game its ultimate beyond ultimosity..


Other Dude: Yea!!!

Dude: Holy hot ass waxing.. Gimme that controller I gotta try this shit!!!

Other Dude: NO IT'S MY GAME-*CrAcK*-OWWW! My head... *dies*

Dude: This game is ultimate beyond ultimosity.. So worth killing Other Dude over! XD
by MCG144 March 19, 2010