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lebanese in origin. meaning mate or brutha.
by ::|~@m!L~|:: March 12, 2004
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A Uleh is usually one from an ethnic background commonly found in groups around schools, shopping centres and other urbanised areas. Ulehs consider themselves to be at the highest of the social hierachy when in reality they are just fat, hairy and stupid. They have poor personal hygiene and usually have a face hairier than a Gorilla's ass by the time they are 7.

Ulehs can be found almost anywhere in Australia especially the southern regions. Specifically, Ulehs can be spotted congregating around any large shopping centre with a bus stop (e.g. shoppo)

Ulehs usually wear gear from labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dada, Champion, Puma and Adidas. The majority of Ulehs will wear a beanie wherever they roam.

Age Range: 12-25

Uleh 1: OMG bro check out ma new nokia
Uleh 2: Holy shit bro thats sick
Uleh 3: OMG RE I just farted
Raplh Wiggum: The leprechaun told me to burn things
by Teen Reject October 02, 2005
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WOG for "mate"
aye bro give it to her uleh! give it to her and dont take it out ULEHHHH!ooooohh lehhhhhh!>.............
by voggy March 18, 2004
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Uleh is an ethnic slang word, meaning: mate, bro, cuz. It is usually used when calling someone. Sometimes it is shortened to "leh", this is more promonent when "you" is before it.
Oi uleh, come over here.
I'm talkin to you leh.
Oh moh ghod leh/uleh.
by Choco Chip October 17, 2009
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a word given to lebanese players.
usually fat/ overweight
and have the worst fucikng body odur ever.
they sweat all the time.
love to be fully sick.
they think they are the best car drivers and they all love skylines.
and many ficking cousins
having sex (go for it uleh)

Q. argjed whats wrong?
A. "Fuck off" (in a misserible voice)

check out my fulyy sick skyline uleh
by lebanese lover June 16, 2006
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