Northern English Slang - Ukelele a stringed musical instrument popularised in the 1930's by the comedian George Formby
"I've got a uke, uke, ukelele in me 'and"
by black flag May 31, 2004
Slang for ukelele, a small, four stringed instrument.
"Yo Jerry, play some Tiny Bubbles on your uke."
by R.P.M. November 06, 2005
Alternative word to describe a Martial Arts partner, or attacker, who is the recipient of the technique to be practiced or attempted.

Also, can be the problem child from the class, i.e. doubting Thomas, to be used for an example to train them mentally. The Demonstratee.
"Ok, I need volunteer to show this technique. Ah, Gerald, come on up here!"
by T&E August 16, 2005
A shortening for the word Ukrainian. Used in reference to a person of Ukrainian background.
Yeah Alex Trebek is a Uke.
I met up with a bunch of Ukes and we went to the bar.
by Danyo Hentisz August 20, 2004

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