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this basicaly means means. U Get Me
(person1)oi blud dat gal is bare buff
by u get me blud January 04, 2005
UGM means YOU GET MOUTH for the nigerian fresh kids. it's usually used when someone is being praised for a reasonable and unique achievement
hodge: p.k you made a very good result, congrats

p.k: i thank God

hodge: mehn p.k *UGM*
by slimsparrow October 04, 2010
The Underground Gay Mafia. It is a secret network of gay men who have all slept with each other. It's similar to the Six Degrees of Seperation of Kevin Bacon.
"I slept with Clayton."
"The UGM. I slept with Nick who boinked Matt who banged Clayton... sideways."
by UNI_whore December 13, 2009