A person who is really nasty.... does not look good,, at all
Damn Shez Ugly,,, best example i got- Susy
by Diego March 23, 2003
a person who is not what you would call "beautiful"
DAMN bitch, your UGLY!
by Anonymous February 01, 2003
A word that describes the look of any person reading theis entry at this exact time.
Ugly, which means you.
by Aeronizzle November 24, 2008
Refering to someone acting stupid, dumb,retarded etc.
"Man is u ugly! Wut u gonna do now?? Fuckn dumb ass i swear."
by ChiCkiA April 20, 2008
The Face of Catherine everyday
1. Ew! Catherine, your face is so UGLY!!! Get that hideous thing away from me!

2. Catherine, that face is just sooo ugly...go get a new face!..thanks
by Oxford American Dictionaries February 24, 2007
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