Someone who is very wierdlooking
Jamie is ugly
by Jamie Houston January 16, 2003
Meghan C. LMAO JK.
mann, did you see that girll she looks like meghan.
DAMN, shes ugly!
by yourrmom! October 18, 2008
Refering to someone acting stupid, dumb,retarded etc.
"Man is u ugly! Wut u gonna do now?? Fuckn dumb ass i swear."
by ChiCkiA April 20, 2008
The Face of Catherine everyday
1. Ew! Catherine, your face is so UGLY!!! Get that hideous thing away from me!

2. Catherine, that face is just sooo ugly...go get a new face!..thanks
by Oxford American Dictionaries February 24, 2007
being very unattractive and not very easy on the eyes. ALOlso known as fugly or bfugly
shauna:omfg look at that ugly chav kid over there
stephanie: haha unlucky!!
by stephanie joanne October 02, 2006
not attractive; opposite of pretty, hot cute,beautiful,handsome, etc.
i dont know alot of ugly people.
by LOL its you June 27, 2005
ADVERB: badly; seriously; critically
Yo, he got dissed ugly by that girl
by M-easy July 05, 2003

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