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Online dating service for mentally unsound individuals.
Dewd, today on UGHH, dewd, I purged my most difficult emotions in the form of an essay, articulating my deepest desires for that girl who led me on with "LOL"s and "LMFAO"s.
by g a y April 07, 2004
28 33
A place for losers to bitch, moan, and for wicked22 to feel accepted.
Wicked:Quest why are they banning me
by Joe January 20, 2005
107 78
melting pot of worthless asshole faces
I went to jail and I thought I was in Ughh.
by Quest. October 20, 2003
38 27
A cyberplace to express all the toughguy emotions you're too pussy to express in real life.
"Yo I spent ALL DAY starting e-beef on UGHH, NAWMEAN?!!
by The Holy Mountain August 29, 2004
32 24
$o g1ad <0> ain't no whit3y
Ki11 Whit3y
by Tha Astizzle October 20, 2003
49 43
An onomatopeia, used to express joy or excitement.
"Ughhhhhhh..." - Master P
"UGGGHHhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhhhhh." - Master P
by Seveneighty February 11, 2003
17 13
Where your post count dictates your status
400 posts? You nonfactor.
by UGHH Moderator March 12, 2005
14 11
where all da nilgers go to be so g1ad, so how my dictate?
UGHH is grood...i mean good.......and great..........great and good
by Bo Diddly Abdul Jabarr March 10, 2004
15 13