Most discussed topics are 50 Cent and Nerd Rap
20 posts a day dedicated to each.
by AnonimousUghher May 01, 2003
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A place for losers to bitch, moan, and for wicked22 to feel accepted.
Wicked:Quest why are they banning me
by Joe January 20, 2005
melting pot of worthless asshole faces
I went to jail and I thought I was in Ughh.
by Quest. October 20, 2003
A cyberplace to express all the toughguy emotions you're too pussy to express in real life.
"Yo I spent ALL DAY starting e-beef on UGHH, NAWMEAN?!!
by The Holy Mountain August 29, 2004
$o g1ad <0> ain't no whit3y
Ki11 Whit3y
by Tha Astizzle October 20, 2003
Where your post count dictates your status
400 posts? You nonfactor.
by UGHH Moderator March 12, 2005
Ughh@IMVU thinks shes hot shit, when in reality she's like a whale who swallowed another whale, she is crude and necessary.

for example.

I should be a potato but then I seen Ughh@IMVU
by Aistaraina October 11, 2014
An onomatopeia, used to express joy or excitement.
"Ughhhhhhh..." - Master P
"UGGGHHhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhhhhh." - Master P
by Seveneighty February 11, 2003

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