the ugliest girl of a group of girls, often times with a group of popular girls
that group of girls is pretty hot, besides the uggo
by Will-is-God January 17, 2005
someone who has the ugliest looks in the entire universe, as a matter of fact, comparable to a nomadic woman named Olga.
OMG!! Did you see that Uggo by that soada machine? She had the biggest schnoz ever!!!
by Lacey A. July 22, 2008
It is said that an uggo is just a green elf who lives in the irish woods, some of them like to play instruments like guitars and drums and hang out with other elves, naked most of the time. They really enjoy sexual activity and videogames.

NOT FRIENDLY, quite aggreessive
" I found an Uggo eating mushrooms the other day "
by shon January 01, 2004
A word that a homo named Rio made up because he's a retard.
That guy's an uggo... and I'm 1337 Sauce, RAWR.
by Steve Mitchell July 31, 2004

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