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"Ugget" is one who shows an enlightened and progressive approach to community service and volunteerism. This type of giving makes an Ugget unique and special.
Excerpted from the site:

"Uggets," have two major goals for the trip. First, they hope to raise peoples' awareness of several issues and causes in America and demonstrate a variety of ways of supporting them. "There seems to be a misconception that you have to have a special badge or belong to a certain group in order to do good," explains Amber, "We want to show people that there are ways to help make a difference anywhere, everywhere and at any time."

I think that summarizes nicely.
by Nick Marco January 06, 2005
(n) Somebody who, against all odds, against all rationality, and for no particular reason wants to save the world.
"He couldn't explain his strong desire to organize the relief mission; others asked him why he was so determined to help those he didn't even know. All he could say was that he was an Ugget."
by Amber the Ugget June 05, 2005
A noun used to describe the testicles region of the male gentiles. Also more commonly known as: balls, nads, gonads etc.
That guy Bob is suck a fuckhead! I want to kick him in the uggets!
by JJJ Listener September 01, 2004
A group of pompus, uppity kids acting like adults trying to spread good will and "Comunity service" but having no real clue what a hardship is. They exsist primarily to float there own boat.
The uggets went to help the poor but quickly got hand sanitizer after shaking hands, and hurried on to the interview with the local news because it's important to get media attention.
#ugget #faker #false saint #snob #attention-monger
freshly baked nugget made with orton
that ugget last night was tasty
#uggets #ortonimore #orton #butter #ji dan
by chinnes aasjdjsnds April 27, 2011
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