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Pronounced Uh-Flee. Original alternative to fugly.

Short for "Ufcking Ugly." Derived from the word ufck, which is a commonly used censored form of the now overused word, fuck.

History: Created at approximately 11:03pm Eastern Standard Time on December 9, 2006 by an individual who is commonly referred to as the "horny white guy," in an MSN chat conversation, when describing his ex-girlfriend.
M: Man, you must have been wearing them beer goggles again that night, 'cause your girlfriend's UHHHH-FLEE (ufly)!

K: Nah, I just had a couple litres of saké that night. Wait 'till you see our kids.

#ufck #fugly #fuck #ugly #fucking ugly
by Yakuza Sentinel December 09, 2006
Ufly - Adjective
Calling someone ufly is saying they look like the pokemon jigglypuff with a pidgeon stuck to its face.
This creature is known as a Ufly Floopy
But to just describe someone
This guy came up to me in a bar and tried it on with me. I said no because he was ufly, uflier than the biggest ufly floopy that ever existed. the shame.
#ugly #jigglypuff #pidgeon #damn #you #are ugly
by chazza24 April 28, 2009
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