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Udon is a delicious Japanese food that is based on noodles. Kitsune udon has fried tofu in it.Udon soup is usually a soy sauce based flavor. oishii!
"Let's eat some udon today!"
by Tofukid June 05, 2006
45 6
The infinitely awesome company that makes Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and several other licenses into comics, and/or posters.
" The Street Fighter IV comic is going to be made by UDON" "ALL HAIL UDON!!!"
by realsilverjunk March 03, 2009
4 3
Also known as udongs or umongs, this creature is a complete and utter deluded little w*nker who supports the Milton Keynes McFranchised Dongs. A wind-up troll who's attempts to wind up AFC Wimbledon supporters and other football supporters often fails.
Feck off udongs you muppet
by hf March 14, 2005
6 8
A young male character from the widely popular anime, Naruto. He is best friends with Konohamaru and a red-headed girl (I forgot her name XD I swear, when I remember it, I'll edit this!) He is counted as one of Iruka's students. He really enjoys doing algebra, which is strange for any kid, especially a kid that's probably barely old enough to be in 1st grade. He sees himself as one day becoming like Sasuke Uchiha.
Udon is extremely smexy for a little kid!
by Amanda Fields November 06, 2007
2 6