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v. to look up an unfamiliar term on urbandictionary.com
chokester92: yo i watched a.schwarzie take out like 10 mofos at once! it was sick.
cutiepatootie99: mofo? whats that?
chokester92: udict that shit.
by joe10 April 03, 2010
Someone who is addicted to Urban Dictionary.
A: I never miss a word of the day!
B: I know, you are an udict...
by DecoyDucky March 08, 2010
The act of trying to submit a word to Urban Dictionary. Not recommended when drunk, or otherwise impeaded as this tends to lead to entries which are stupid and/or simply mean.
"Shit, Terry was so wasted last night that he tried to UDict his last five girlfriends."
by gaily February 02, 2007