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A Negative Reality Inversion (NRI) a term originating from the series "The Young Ones" and is actually technobabble.

A Reality Inversion would be the symmetrical inversion of reality. Making it negative would actually cancel it out, leaving you with reality.
NEIL: Anybody watching that must've thought it was a negative reality inversion.

*A man and woman are making out in the shadows
WOMAN: Cor, that looked just like a negative reality inversion, didn't it?
MAN: Yes, it did, a bit.

*They turn their attention back to each other
by DecoyDucky May 04, 2010
Weird way to say love
Same as wuv
J: I wuf you

R: I wuf you too
by DecoyDucky August 27, 2009
Someone who is addicted to Urban Dictionary.
A: I never miss a word of the day!
B: I know, you are an udict...
by DecoyDucky March 08, 2010
kbaibai is a cool way to say Ok bye bye. Usually used in chat rooms, forums and IM.
Also related to kbai.
<ChaosKiller> me go sleep
<ChaosKiller> kbaibai
<Ginger> baibai
by DecoyDucky February 09, 2010
It is a mispelling for the dutch word "Gratis" which means "Free".
Stef: What's the dutch word for free?
Daan: Gratus
Jeroen: No, stupid, you made a typo. It's "Gratis".
by DecoyDucky February 27, 2010

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