A school for rich kids whose parents are too cheap to give them a real education.
The average household income for current students of UCLA is higher than USC, but the average graduate makes considerably less.
by TrojanWarrior November 12, 2004
UCLA: An acronym for the University of Cadavers, Legs and Arms (also known as the University of California, Los Angeles). This definition was derived from the ordeal in which UCLA was found to have obtained dead bodies and loose parts out of who knows where.
I'm going to USC because I'd like to keep my body in one piece thanks very much.
by Ruby Zib November 12, 2004
University of Chronically Low Ambition (otherwise known as UC Los Angeles); there isn't much else to be said..
Students at UCLA spend too much effort trying to downplay USC so as to justify their public school degree (after 6 years there, you start to have second thoughts)
Cal State I Fucked Your Mom
Cal State I Fucked Your Mom (UCLA as it is commonly known) has over 30,000 clowns currently working toward PhDs.
by Davo April 26, 2005
Acronym: "University Closest to the Lombard Area." Refers to College of DuPage, a suburban Chicago Community College. The school resides in the city of Glen Ellyn, and happens to be close to the town of Lombard.
Where you goin' to school at? I'm goin ta UCLA! Whoa! Allaway out in Cali!? No man, in Glen Ellyn.
by BluesDude December 02, 2004
A institution that holds Poor White Trash and Yellow People aka Asians. Its also run on the same system that runs our garbage... No wonder everyone smells bad......
TROJAN "hey whats that smell, oh its ucla"
by TROJANS#1 February 13, 2005
What's to say?
They USED to be better academically than USC.
They USED to be better in sports than USC.

USC is entertaining a steady increase in funding, programs, entering freshman class GPA and SAT (now higher than both UCLA and Berkeley), and average graduate income.
On the other hand, UCLA is, like all public California schools, experiencing a decline in practically every category.

Simple fact: USC is a university now superior in academics, sports, and social scene. What does UCLA have? A nice neighborhood? Cheaper tuition? Sure.. but the average USC student pays nearly the same price that the average UCLA student does. Why? USC financial aid. Get over the price, most of us dont pay $40,000. Well damn, I guess UCLA does have a right to talk all that shit. You go Bruins. At least you learn something at UCLA, even if it is how to be JEALOUS.
I go to UCLA, and sure, we're not as cool as USC kids, but we're smarter! Oh wait.. nope.. they've got that to hold over our head now too..
by biomedical_trojan December 05, 2004
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