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The flagship of the University of California that is located in Berkeley, California. UC Berkeley is considered the best public university in the country, one of the top learning institutions in the world, and a hotbed of activism and liberalism in the country. Also, the student body is often noticed for its diversity.

UC Berkeley's main rival is Stanford.
There was a political manifestation at UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley was again named the best public university in North America
by CR RC September 03, 2006
847 214
University of competitive bastards.
I go to UC Berkeley otherwise known as the University of competitive bastards.
by UC Davis May 07, 2008
508 224
The first and best school in the Universtiy of California system. Located in Berkeley, CA, Cal is one of the most diverse and exciting campuses in the world. Cal offers a world class education at a great price. It is regarded as the top public university and is home to busuiness and engineering schools that are usually ranked in the top 3 overall and often #1 worldwide. A terrific place for anyone looking for a great education, world class professors, interesting people, and great sports teams (GO BEARS).
Admissions: very selective
Overall- 25% admitted
School of Engineering- 8-10% admitted
1) Hey! That guy has a really distorted and biased view of UC-Berkeley!
2) UC-Berkeley is one of the world's best schools.
3) UC-Berkeley is underrated on USNews's rankings. (Endowment per student is taken into consideration, so public schools are at an inherent disadvantage)
4) UC-Berkeley rules.
by Go Bears April 18, 2005
448 183
AKA Cal. Known for liberal politics and perfect campus location. What the hell is in Palo Alto anyway? Stanford party scene my ass. The typical Stanford party: eat a bag of Milano cookies and stay up till the tonight show. You are hella weak. Also Berkeley was rated #1 public school in the nation...AGAIN. Stanford, what can I say, not good enough for the Ivy Leaguers not tight enough for the bay. That must suck.
ME: Sweet! I got into UC-Berkeley!
by FuccTheMan January 20, 2005
357 118
Best thing that will happen in your life. Nuff said. If you went to Cal, you know what I mean. If you go to Cal right now, you're the luckiest crowd living the best lives. If you are going to go to Cal, be prepared for the best years of your life. We got brains, got heart, got spirit, and $tanfurd got nothing on us. Go Bears.
Person 1: I need a synonym for "heaven," or "best place on earth."
Person 2: UC Berkeley
by tyrekesage May 26, 2010
307 91
A school of ~33,000 students located in the San Francisco Bay Area. UC-Berkeley is commonly known as the best public university in the country and one of the top universities in the world. Berkeley touts arguably the greatest faculty and student body in the US, and one of the world's largest research library systems. Berkeley is also well known for its athlectic branch, Cal (California), that includes a current football powerhouse.
Hey, I want to go to UC-Berkeley!
by koala March 25, 2005
257 96
The best freaking university in the world. Ivy League education for state school price!
I go to UC Berkeley, therefore, I KICK ASS!

I did not get into UC Berkeley, therefore, I am a loser.
by veryunstoppable July 26, 2009
412 254