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A school of ~33,000 students located in the San Francisco Bay Area. UC-Berkeley is commonly known as the best public university in the country and one of the top universities in the world. Berkeley touts arguably the greatest faculty and student body in the US, and one of the world's largest research library systems. Berkeley is also well known for its athlectic branch, Cal (California), that includes a current football powerhouse.
Hey, I want to go to UC-Berkeley!
by koala March 25, 2005
to have ur penis or pussy suxed
yo dis party iz wack lets go get blown!!
by koala February 24, 2005
Short way of saying Donkey Punch
I DP that bitch last night, the noise she made was FUNNY AS HELL
by Koala March 22, 2003
boots that are way to high and extreamly thin that give the "impression" that they want u to fuck them. Shoes that r way to thin to even walk in.
omg i think i want to wear my fuck me boots!! I might get lucky!!
by koala February 24, 2005

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